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“Bunker has created a solution to a major industry pain point; onboarding contractors and suppliers that don’t meet enterprise insurance requirements. Their platform provides transparency, accuracy and speed to what was previously a painful process.”

Cristin Monnich

Director, Independent Contractor Solutions

"Bunker has created a refreshing new approach to insurance, combining a purpose-built technology solution with outstanding service and expertise for the micro business and independent contractor."

Gene Zaino

Founder & Executive Chairman

“Not only did Bunker help us digitize our requirements and provide a free system to store certificates, but their insurance advisors freed our team from the excessive process working with suppliers to solve insurance questions and renew expiring coverages. When you add it all up, it’s not only about the man hours saved, it’s about the innovation and expertise that adds credibility to our solution.”

Andrea DeFreeuw

Documentation Specialist

Sometimes the best candidates may not carry the levels of insurance required by our client for the opportunity. We need these companies to move quickly in obtaining the required coverage in order to put the consultants to work. Being able to refer these businesses to Bunker helps us get consultants to work as soon as possible.

Ryan Lynch

Business Partner Vice President

“We had a Contractor we were working with for a couple of weeks who was having a hard time getting Professional Liability insurance. We provided him with Bunker’s link, and within 24 hours he was almost done securing the insurance through Bunker. He was able to get a policy quickly, and one that wasn’t cost preventative for him to begin the project. This was a high-visibility project with our client, and really painted us in a good light. We already know Bunker is great, but it’s even better when our clients and contractors can appreciate it.”

Heather Tenud

Senior Compliance Analyst

Bunker has made the acquisition of liability insurance a much more seamless process for me and my retailers, I highly recommend you create an account with them so your retailers can purchase and submit a PERFECT insurance certificate EVERY time.”

Ivan Lopez

Territory Manager

"I can honestly say Bunker has made my work life so much easier. You tend to forget the amount of time that is spent trying to guide vendors down the right path. Thank you Bunker for not only taking on that task, but also increasing our Vendor/clients' satisfaction and optimizing our work week by 5-6 hours-a-week. Now we can focus on what we do best."

Eric Marion

IC Onboarding Coordinator

"Bunker has been an invaluable resource for IES and our ICs, not only by providing insurance quotes in a matter of days, but they also take the time to educate our clients and workers. Bunker even attended calls with IES to help guide one of our largest clients on their insurance requirements for their IC program implementation. It was great to know that the insurance experts at Bunker had our backs."

Danielle Itani

Strategic Marketing Analyst

“Not only has Bunker removed the insurance barrier, they have also streamlined the process by making it fast, easy, and affordable for our independent consultants to get the coverage they need to work with our clients.”

Andrea Black

VP of Network Strategy

Your Contractors Will Love Bunker! 

Our team of advisors are here not only to take the tedious insurance process off of your hands - but to make it enjoyable for every contractor, vendor and supplier as well! 


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